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Surveillance video shows 2 men running, 1 shooting at other

Security camera shows 2 men running,...

WILSON, Pa. - At Dell's Kitchen in Wilson, Northampton County, owner Kendell Brantley was working on the counters on Tuesday.

Monday night, Brantley positioned pictures of local landmarks on the counter and covered them with a coat of varnish when all of a sudden he heard gunshots. Brantley said he saw two men arguing across the street moments before the shooting.

"I thought maybe a fist fight. I didn't think they would start shooting," Brantley said. "I actually saw the spark from the gun. You could see the first three shots right here."

One of Brantley's security cameras caught the incident. The video shows two men, one firing and the other running away. It's an image Brantley never imagined he would capture.

In an odd twist, no one was injured.

"Luckiest guy ever. He was right next to him and missed him at least three times that I saw and then a few times after that," Brantley said.

Police used the video to find six shell casings.

Police ask anyone with information to contact Wilson police at 610-258-8542.

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