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See 500 years of Italian Renaissance paintings--in Allentown!

Special exhibit at art museum

ALLENTOWN, P)a. - A very special exhibit is now on display at the Allentown Art Museum of the Lehigh Valley.

It's called "Of Heaven and Earth" and it features many of the Italian masters, like Botticelli, that you normally just read about in books.

"Some of the finest paintings of the Italian Renaissance period and later that have ever traveled the US. We are the only East Coast venue for the exhibition, and most of the works have never traveled before, never been seen out of Glasgow, and will probably never travel again in our lifetime," said David Mickenberg, museum president and CEO.

There are also two other new exhibitions, including one featuring Spanish artist Francisco Goya.

Also new at the museum are Spanish translations of art descriptions for several of the exhibitions.

Located at 31 N. Fifth Street in Allentown, the art museum is free to visit all summer, until September 7th.

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