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Seniors learn ways to keep their brains fit

Seniors learn ways to keep their brains fit

HANOVER TWP., Pa. - A trim waistline isn't enough. Experts say you also have to train your brain.

Some folks learned how to break a cerebral sweat at a special seminar in Northampton County on Wednesday.

"Everyone as they age, their brain will decline," said Janis Greim, a speech pathologist with Fox Rehabilitation. "Their memory will get worse, things will start to get hard for them. So one way you can stave that off is by doing things to keep your brain fit."

That is exactly what seniors at the Hanover Township Community Center were doing -- learning ways to remain mentally sharp.

Participants asked questions like what is the best way to increase brain fitness. Presenters said exercise and eating healthy with fresh fruits and vegetables are a good start.

"I've been juicing for quite awhile, but the game, I think I will implement that to keep my brain more active," said seminar participant Dennis Perelli.

Organizers said there are a lot of things you can do to increase your brain fitness. Play an app on your phone, read a book, go old school and do a crossword puzzle, or get up off the couch and do something you like.

"The more you can learn, and we're using our brain in a class like this, so that is another thing helping you," added Lester Perelli, another participant.

"Go to the opera, read a book, socialize," said Greim. "Get off the couch, get out of the house and stimulate your brain.

The participants said they hope more people attend brain fitness seminars like this, and not just seniors either because organizers said everyone can strengthen their cognitive skills.

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