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Shoppers hit the mall after Christmas

Shoppers hit the mall after Christmas

WHITEHALL TWP., Pa. - Shoppers didn't waste any time getting out to the mall for Christmas returns and exchanges.

People were at the Lehigh Valley Mall the day after Christmas for any number of reasons.

"Once the snow dissipated and things cleared up people started coming in," said mall manager John Ferreira.

"A lot of returns, we had some sneakers to return, a book bag to return , hopefully we can just do easy swaps," said Andrea Grube, who was with her children. "It's always a given that the day after Christmas we're always out."

"We are just enjoying time off and enjoying time together and being soon-to-be parents, some sizes need to be exchanged," said Lauren Haas, who was with her husband.

Erik DiGirolamo, who was shopping with family, said "Returning gifts and using money I got for Christmas."

Edwin Velez said, "I'm here for the sales and all the specials and gift cards."

"We've had a very, very good year with gift cards, little better than last year," said Ferreira. "This week after Christmas is an extension of Christmas for us, that's when they all get used."

Many shoppers enjoyed the time off and having a chance to get out of the house for a little while, but that's not the case everyone.

"We never take a breather here. You still have customers, there are still people that we need to service," said Ferreira.

He added, "You cannot fight Mother Nature and we had some Mother Nature for three days during a very busy period. Without those we would have had an extremely good holiday season, this year we've had a very, very good holiday season."

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