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Slimy substance found along road in Plainfield has some scratching heads

Substance found alongside road has some scratching heads

PLAINFIELD TWP., Pa. - A community in Northampton County has a slimy mystery on its hands with a strange discovery alongside Ruppel Road in Plainfield Township. It looks like something out of the 1950s horror movie, "The Blob."

"You could see underneath it, there was the remnants of what appeared to be a five-gallon pail or some type of pail," said A.J. Olszewski, Plainfield Township's emergency management coordinator. "It's assumed that the blob ate the bucket."

Olszewski said the blob was discovered by someone out for a walk. The area was evacuated, and Northampton County emergency management and Lehigh County hazmat crews responded.

"They took a sample of it, brought it back to their truck and put it into their equipment," said Olszewski. "The ingredients of what the product was, they had no idea."

Over at the Davinci Science Center in Allentown, blobs are nothing new. Kids frequently whip up a mixture of Elmer's glue, water and sodium tetraborate.

"This slime, once it's finished reacting, is completely harmless," said Jonathan Shearer, Da Vinci Sciene Center education manager.

Totally, non-toxic fun.

"Wouldn't hurt a fly," said Shearer.

While kids have been delighting in the science behind the slimy blob, investigators are testing the Plainfield Township's blob at a lab in New Jersey.

"Twenty-five feet behind us, there is a waterway" said Olszewski. "They just don't realize what something like this could affect them."

While it's doubtful the blob landed here like a falling star from outer space, Olszewski said if officials find out what the blob is made of, it could lead to whomever dumped it.

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