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Snake Pit opens at Dorney Park

Snake Pit opens at Dorney Park

SOUTH WHTIEHALL TWP., Pa. - Got a need for speed this summer?

Wildwater Kingdom at Dorney Park has a new ride that's part water slide and part skydiving.

At Wild Water Kingdom's newest ride, it's a long climb up, but a very quick trip down.

"Snake Pit lasts roughly about 20 seconds," said Dorney Park general manager Michael Fehnel. "It is a fast ride."

"It's over before you know it," said rider Kathy Schneider of Macungie.

Snake Pit starts off 65 feet up.

Riders are placed in a clear, plexiglass box at the top.

"You cross your arms and your feet, which feels kind of coffin-ish, a little bit of a death pose," said rider Martin Schneider of Philadelphia.

"You like stand in this tube, and they close the door," said rider Marisa Saeger of Allentown, "and they count down to you in tube, and the floor just drops!"

"It is one heck of a thrill," added Fehnel.

Once you free-fall, Snake Pit sends you on one of three looped body slides, each with varying degrees of speed.

"You don't know what's coming up, and that's part of the adventure," said Scheider.

Each of the tubes is a different color, and each color is a little different drop. So which one is the most heart-stopping?

"I think the red one on the left," said Schneider.

Saeger disagreed.

"The orange was the best," she said. "I feel like it has a steeper drop and you go the fastest."

"It's shock, let-up, shock, let-up, shock, let-up, which is a really cool design."

So if you get the sinking feeling this summer, don't scream. It'll all be over in 20 seconds.

Snake Pit opened to the public on Friday.

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