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Snow removal picks up ahead of next storm

Snow removal picks up ahead of next storm

While we await the arrival of yet another storm, we're still dealing with the leftovers from all the others.

Massive snow piles are making it difficult to park and drive in some areas.

Crews were out in Easton and Allentown on Monday, removing snow from streets and dumping it elsewhere.  The mayors of both cities are asking for everyone's patience.

"Even though it's a federal holiday, this is a mess, so we're bringing everyone in, including five private contractors with crews and equipment to haul the snow away," said Mayor Sal Panto, D-Easton. "We're running out of places to dump it."

Panto said crews have been putting in long hours. With how hard the snow is, he said plows just won't cut it so they need the big equipment.

"You need front-end loaders, big heavy equipment to move this snow because now it's solid rock," he said. "We're all in this together. There's no one who has it any better than others."

It was a similar scene in Allentown.

"We're doing our best. We're trying to get to all these streets," said Mayor Ed Pawlowski, D-Allentown. "You have mounds that were sometimes four, five, six feet high. It was impossible for people to even park on these streets anymore." 

He said crews will try to get to every part of the city.

"Honestly, we've been running behind a little because there's other snow events that come into play, so if it snows like they're suggesting tomorrow, it's just going to slow us down," Pawlowski added. "All I can tell folks is just be patient."

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