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Snowy day in Wind Gap; 'Can't wait for spring,' woman says

Snowy day in Wind Gap; 'Can't wait for spring,' woman says

WIND GAP, Pa. - Residents of Wind Gap and Plainfield Township in Northampton County experienced a snowy Monday like much of the region.

"This time, it's very heavy and no wind," Valerie Noble said of the latest round. She used a snow blower to clear snow. "Went in to work at 11 and then they closed us at 2, so I went to work for three hours."

Across the street, Michele Fontanez had the shovel out.

"I'm getting tired of it, but it's beautiful," she said. "I don't mind this. This seems to be a little bit easier to shovel. It's heavier, but I think it's a little bit easier."

Many people are looking forward to warmer days.

"Can't wait for spring and all the other storms coming can go south or something," said Noble.

"I've been thinking warm since I got back from Florida in November, so yeah, I'm pretty much over this," Fontanez said.

69 News also spoke with people who stopped by a diner in Wind Gap.

"Tired of it already, too much snow," said Ryan Bowers, with Wind Gap Ambulance.

"If you give it a little more gas than you should, you're going to do some fishtailing," said Dale Sandt. "I've about had it. Yup. I'm ready for spring. I'm ready to go to Florida."

"The snow is a real slippery snow," said Richard Rutt. "We didn't see any accidents but some people drive off the road here and there because it is so slippery."

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