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Some voters find long lines at polling places in Pa., across country

Candidates for Congress, state offices on ballot in Pa.

A bruising political season has finally reached the finish line. Voters across the country headed to the polls Tuesday to pick a president and other leaders. 

In the 69 News viewing area, some voters breezed through polling places while others stood in the cold for hours, waiting to get inside.

Many voters we spoke with said they didn't have any problems once they got inside to vote. Some just didn't think they would wait in line so long.

The line was long at the Faith Lutheran Church on Sullivan Trail in Forks Twp., Northampton Co.

"There are no provisions here to stay warm," said Karen D. "The line should be inside. It should be somewhere everyone can stay warm."

Some people prepared for the wait with winter coats, magazines and gadgets to keep children busy. Some people had to come back two and even three times

"I have a job and I work, so I just kept coming back," added Mary D., a woman who was back for the third time.

"Last year I came out in the morning before I went to work," said David Billings, of Forks Township. "This time I came here and it was an hour-and-a-half line already. So I went to work and took the afternoon off and came back here to stand in line."

Not everyone had to wait in line to cast their ballot. There was no line at the Walter House voting precinct in Easton.

At Orefield Middle School in South Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co., the lines were long but people said they moved through relatively quickly. There were plenty of voting machines open.

People standing in line in Forks Township said they feel the polling place didn't have enough machine, an issue many wish the Northampton County election commission would fix.

"Three for this amount of people, and I have to stand in line and wait two hours," said one woman. "I feel like going home right now."

Of course, people didn't go home. They said the presidential race is too close.

We spoke with the Northampton County election officials, who said the number of voting machines is based on the number of registered voters in each precinct.

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