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Spring storm blankets region with coating of snow

Spring storm blankets region with coating of snow

Monday's snow was another reminder that winter weather is still sticking around, despite what the calender says.

"We've had snow already at Easter a number of years ago," said Carol Fortley.

And we may have it again. The day after Palm Sunday looked more like Christmas Eve, as an early spring storm blanketed much of the region with snow, which was anything but a present for those running Easter flower tents.

One tent off Route 309 in Schnecksville, Lehigh Co., was forced to keep its flaps closed to protect its precious holiday commodity.

"They did provide us with a heater, trying to keep heat inside. Figured not a lot of people come out on a Monday anyway," said employee Cathy Eckert.

The weather created a two-season surge in Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co. Trucks stocked with salt sat ready to hit the streets for another battle with winter. At the same time, other crews were gearing up for their spring street sweeping.

"And they're out in one section of the township, actually cleaning streets despite the snow because it's not sticking right now to road surfaces, said Mayor Ed Hozza, Whitehall Township.

The fields of spring are a different story. A playground and baseball diamond in Cementon looked fit for a snowball fight rather than a refuge for spring fever.

"I think its terrible," said one person.

"I got brand new tires and a brand new car, so a snow day with my children I can't turn down," said Caleb Frye.

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