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Stanley Obas tops PA's most wanted list for 1996 murder in Easton

Obas is wanted for homicide in the death of 13 year-old Richezza Williams

Stanley Obas tops PA's most wanted list

EASTON, Pa. - A Brooklyn fugitive wanted in the 1996 torture and killing of a teenager in Easton is at the top of Pennsylvania's Most Wanted list.

Stanley Obas is wanted for homicide in the death of Richezza Williams.

Williams was 13 when, according to police, she was tortured and killed by three men inside an Easton basement.

Her body was recovered in a dead house at an Easton cemetery.

The teenager was a runaway from Long Island, New York.

According to investigators, it appears Williams was killed in connection with a drug deal gone bad.

"She was 13 years old, involved in running drugs for these guys and apparently stiffed them money," said Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli.

Morganelli was the DA when Williams was killed.

In the last 18 years, prosecutors have successfully put two men behind bars for her death.

Kwame Henry and Corey Maeweather are each serving life sentences after being convicted of first degree murder.

Investigators have had few tips over the years about Obas' whereabouts. According to Morganelli, the most recent sighting was reported in the last two years, but so far, nothing of merit.

"He has eluded justice all these years….The further we get away from the date it becomes more difficult. The main witness, Kathleen Sagusti, is deceased," Morganelli said.

According to Morganelli, Williams was killed inside Sagusti's home.

He said Sagusti was friends with Williams and the men accused of killing her.

Morganelli said Sagusti was home the night of the murder, but wasn't involved in the killing.

"She was not implicated in the crime, but she was there. They wouldn't let her call for help," Morganelli said.

Morganelli said it's possible Sagusti's testimony in previous trials could be used in future proceedings.

"We would have to determine whether we can use her trial testimony in the other cases against the new defendant, Mr. Obas, or whether that would be precluded," Morganelli said. "I believe that we would have a chance at being able to use that testimony because she was subject to cross examination. She does indicate that Stanley Obas was with the other two gentlemen that night."

Morganelli said prosecutors would also likely reach out to Maeweather and Green to testify.

Anyone with information on Obas' whereabouts should call the Pennsylvania Terrorism/Fugitive Tip Line at 1-888-292-1919

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