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Store owners not sure when next wood pellet shipment will arrive

Store owners not sure when next wood pellet shipment will arrive

COOPERSBURG, Pa. - With more cold temperatures on the way, some pellet stove owners are having a hard time keeping the fire burning.

Many suppliers are running out of pellets to fill the stove.

Workers at Madle's Hardware store in Coopersburg, Lehigh County say for weeks the answer has been the same, there aren't any in stock.

"Originally we get them in probably early fall and then we try to sell a whole truckload, which is a lot of different pallets," said Madle's office manager, Marissa Butz.

"It's a long cold winter," added Ray Cramer, co-owner of Stoves 'N Stuff, Ltd. "We weren't prepared for it. We got spoiled over the last few years having warmer winters. We didn't use as much fuel."

Cramer says Stoves 'N Stuff, is also having trouble keeping pellets on the shelf.
There is a sign at the door telling customers the situation.

Last week a shipment of 24 tons of pellets came in.

"It can be gone in a day's time, a few hours actually, right now," said Cramer.

Many store owners say the shortage is just a simple case of supply and demand.

The brutal winter has inflated heating costs, and with more people using more pellets, there's fewer material to go around.

"It's the same issues with wood, or coal," said Cramer. "People are just using more fuel this year."

The hope, Mother Nature gradually warms things up, meaning less need for heat inside the home.

"It is a seasonal item, so our warehouse will stop stocking them," said Butz.

"We've been trying to be aware of if there is fuel available anywhere and let them know," added Cramer.

For now people will have to keep calling around to see when a new shipment comes in.

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