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Students create Easton v. Phillipsburg football video game

Students create Easton v. P'burg video game

EASTON, Pa. - Rain or shine this Thanksgiving, you can bet the Easton and Phillipsburg high school football teams will be battling it out for their annual gridiron bragging rights.

But one "Red Rover" is already getting props for a much different kind of game.

Forget Angry Birds, how about angry bulldogs shooting from a canon?

It's a video game called Ragin' Rovers.

It was designed by senior Benjamin Matase and the Easton High School Computer Science Club for their school's annual battle against the Phillipsburg Stateliners this week.

"It's like a two-player Angry Birds. You have three screens and you have cannons on either side and shooting dogs at the middle at the Stateliner cats that are being protected by little wooden planks," said Matase.

The game is a big hit with Easton's students, who line up at lunch time to take turns taking aim at P'burg.

"It's pretty fun. Kind of addicting I guess," said senior Dylan Groff.

Matase says the game could be expanded for Xbox or wind up as an app.

As for him, Matase says he's headed for college and a career in computers.

For right now, he says he's just hoping the game will get more kids to join the computer science club.

"We recruited a couple of people that saw it and they want to do something similar," said Matase.

So, what if you don't have access to the video game? No worries. You can always watch the real life rivalry between Easton and Phillipsburg live on WFMZ TV Thursday at 10 a.m.

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