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Students, homeless add color to walking trail in Easton

Students, homeless add color to walking trail in Easton

EASTON, Pa. - A college in the Lehigh Valley is teaming up with a homeless shelter to add a little color to a walking trail in Easton.

The frames were prepped weeks ago, now the supplies have arrived and so have the people ready to put their vision inside the frame for all to see.

"Really they're kind of portals to the voices of Easton," said Tatiana Troxell, a teaching assistant for the community based arts program. "I know that kind of sounds a little weird but it's interesting to kind of see what people want to show."

The Young Master's art program is run under the tutelage of Lafayette College. Since the program's inception in 2012, most of the artists have been children.

"You guys are the first official adults to be part of this," program director, Jim Toia, told the group, which is part of Safe Harbor, a local homeless shelter.

Some are workers, others are residents sharing their vision for all who walk by on the Karl Stirner Arts Trail in Easton.

"It's a good release," said Brian Bertram, a volunteer at Safe Harbor. "It's a stress reliever."

Organizers know how important it is to create this opportunity for the group.

"Everyone has a voice, everyone has the opportunity to get out here and show their talents," added Toia. "Whether it's writing a phrase on the wall or painting a scene. The message that we are asking them to give is the message of hope." 

It's that hope that organizers say will inspire these artist and others walking by.

"It's really great to come down even while I am prepping the wall and people stop me and they're like this is great is this what you do," said Troxell. "I'm like no, this is what you guys do, this is what Easton does."

You can see the completed artwork on the 13th Street side of the Karl Stirner Arts Trail in Easton.

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