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Students showcase research at Lehigh Valley Science & Engineering Research Fair

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BETHLEHEM, Pa. - They may be young, but these students in sixth through 12th grade are making strides in scientific and mathematical research.

"I was testing a solution to antimicrobial resistance. It's become a huge problem. The CDC has invested over $160 million dollars towards an initiative to find a solutions to antibiotic resistant bacteria" said Sumedha Kanthamnei, an 11th grader at Parkland High School.

The Lehigh Valley Science and Engineering Research Fair allows students who flourish in science the chance to try their had at microbiology and advanced mathematics, something they don't get in a typical school environment.

"Being able to explore what you find interesting is such a huge thing and a lot of people don't get that opportunity so I'm grateful" says Kanthamnei.

Science teachers who coach and support these youngsters also like to see their students go above and beyond what is taught in their textbooks.

"I'm encouraging these students to go to the universities, go to the colleges, go into the labs, do the cutting edge research so that they can go on to the International Science Fair and bring it to the world" said Lori Cirucci, an eighth grade science teacher.

It's an opportunity these students know is special; they have a gift that needs to be shared.

"To know that some of the research that I'm doing may actually help in the future, may help out real scientists, it's really inspiring" added Roy Ghosh, an 11th grader at Parkland High School. 

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