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Study: The party and the academics never stop at Lehigh University

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - The party -- and the academics -- never stop at Lehigh University.

That's according to the online publication Business Insider, which says Lehigh offers the best return on investment among the nation's top party schools.

Lehigh was recently ranked the nation's number 10 party school in the nation, but number one when it comes to return on investment.

Business Insider says Lehigh costs about $219,000 to obtain a bachelor's degree, with a return on investment of more than $525,000.

The return on investment factors in the total income a graduate with a bachelor's degree would earn after working 20 years -- minus the cost of the degree and minus the average earnings of a person whose education ended after high school.

Here is Business Insider's list of the "10 party schools that are most worth your money":

1) Lehigh University — Cost: $219,200, ROI: $526,900
2) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — Cost: $172,600, ROI: $482,200
3) University of Maryland, College Park — Cost: $167,700, ROI: $429,200
4) University of Texas at Austin — Cost: $202,800, ROI: $400,400
5) Pennsylvania State University — Cost: $179,000, ROI: $369,400
6) University of California, Santa Barbara — Cost: $222,100, ROI: $364,500
7) University of Florida — Cost: $168,500, ROI: $357,700
8) Miami University — Cost: $186,400, ROI: $337,700
9) Syracuse University — Cost: $220,100, ROI: $324,700
10) DePauw University — Cost: $192,600, ROI: $312,800

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