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Testimony continues in penalty trial of Amanda Hein

EASTON, Pa. - How could a night out with friends go so wrong?

A Northampton County jury heard Tuesday from the men who were with Amanda Hein the night she gave birth in a restaurant bathroom and left her baby in a toilet tank.

There was blood, a lot of blood, but those men said they had no idea how serious the situation was.

The jury also heard from the staff at Starter's Pub in Lower Saucon Township -- people who cleaned up blood and the manager who found the baby in a toilet tank.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli called the three men who were at Starter's Pub with Hein on the day in question last August to the witness stand.

The group was at the restaurant to celebrate a birthday and to watch a pay-per-view wrestling event.

Each man said Hein disappeared from the table for 30 to 45 minutes while she went to the bathroom.

One witness, Scott McNabb, testified that when Hein came back to the table, she had a, "distressed look on her face, like something happened."

The defense didn't have many questions for the three men.

Other questions focused on the clothes that Hein was wearing. There were also questions about the blood that was left behind in the bathroom and in the booth where Hein has been sitting.

A morning shift manager at Starter's started crying after she told Morganelli how she ripped the garbage bag open and found baby boy Hein. She said the bag was in a toilet tank.

Morganelli showed pictures of the baby, which caused Hein to start crying in the courtroom.

The prosecution has one more witness before it rests its case.

Hein has already pleaded guilty to a general charge of murder. The jury is deciding whether she's guilty of first degree murder or third degree murder.

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