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The men and women behind the curtain of the Freddys

The men and women behind the curtain of the Freddys

EASTON, Pa. - While the crowds come to watch the students perform at the Freddy Awards, you might be surprised to learn who is working behind the scenes.

Jack Graham is the Vice President of Live Tournaments for the Golf Channel, and says he comes back every year to help make the Freddys an experience the audience and the students won't forget.

"The goal is to make the kids proud of how you showed them, to make the theater proud of how you showed them, and to make the audience at home really feel like they are able to participate and view the Freddys," Graham said. "I love doing it."

Graham does all of that with the help of several cameras, a large mobile station set up outside of the State Theatre, as well as his experience making insightful programming decisions.

"You've got to make different decisions based on the music, whether it is upbeat and you are doing cuts, whether it is slow and you are doing dissolves," Graham said.

And to help with aesthetics, lighting designer Susan Rose, typically on the road with Ringo Starr, stops by to help enhance each act.

"When you see all of the lighting bowing and moving around, I have actually spent all week programming all of that," Rose said. "I think it is neat that this community still supports the performing arts because so many schools are pulling it out."

Rose also says she will spent upwards of 30 hours perfecting the show, helping to bring each performance to life.

"You are just enhancing all of the visual aspects of it, and making people see the music," Rose said.

With so much experience behind the talented student performers, it is no doubt the show will go off without a hitch.

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