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Thief takes donation box from Dunkin' Donuts' counter

Thief takes donation box from Dunkin' Donuts' counter

EASTON, Pa. - An Easton woman lost all of her belongings in a fire, and now a thief has stolen the money meant to help her.

The crook entered to the Dunkin' Donuts in Easton's Centre Square, grabbed the donation box and walked right out with the cash.

Regulars at the Dunkin' Donuts in Easton's Centre Square made the box to collect money for a friend in need.

"She's a regular customer here and we wanted to help raise money for her," said Kalyn Jurus, manager at Dunkin' Donuts

The woman in need is Diane Gonzalez.

Last month, Gonzalez's apartment building, on North 4th Street, caught on fire and she lost everything.

"Right now she is in need," said customer Milagros Maisonet. "The house got burned, no clothes, but the community of Easton, we're giving her donations, helping her out."

Thursday morning, workers say they turned their backs for just a moment and in a flash the cash was gone.

"We come out and the box is gone," said Jurus. "Somebody just literally walked in, came through the door, took the box and ran out."

Customers attempted to chase the crook to no avail.

"I went out to see if I could see the person, but when I hit the corner of the dollar store, I found the lid," added Maisonet.

Some in the community are mad, but many say the crime is not going to stop them from trying to help a friend in need.

They're not sure how much was in the box when it was stolen, but they vow to raise even more this time.

"A lot of people have been coming by," said Jurus. "Now that every hour I go and get the box and go get the money out and put it in the safe."

They hope the person who committed the crime is caught soon.

"I hope God forgives him for doing something like that," said Maisonet. "He's really a low life."

Easton Police tell us they are investigating the case and will be looking at the surveillance tape to get a better description of the man who stole the money.

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