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This winter's weather positive environmental impacts

This winter's weather positive environmental impacts

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - The snow and freezing temperatures may be causing headaches around our region, but did you know all the cold white stuff may actually be a benefit?

According to Dr. David Smith, Chief Scientist and Senior Director at the Da Vinci Science Center, all the snow is actually good for the Lehigh Valley as it seeps into the ground and becomes ground water.

"That water supplies our streams and it also supplies drinking water for many of us so it's a very important for that and it's also an important resource for wildlife who rely on springs and streams and other sources of ground water for their habitats as well," he said.

The snow can also protect plants from freezing in your garden, acting as insulation from the cold air.

"If it gets really cold tonight for example, with eight inches of snow sitting on top of your garden, your plants won't really feel the cold as much," said Smith.

The frigid temperatures can be helpful too, translating into less hassles with nasty bugs during the spring and summer, especially the invasive kind that are not native to our area.

"Sometimes those species may not be very resistant to the cold and so if we have a particularly cold winter, we have a lot of sub freezing temperatures, that may actually kill off some of those invasive populations or at least reduce their numbers," Smith said.

Finally, according to our 69 news weather team, although we've seen plenty of snow, things could be a lot worse.

So far, this winter we've received 39.5 inches of snow, normally we see 17 inches to this point.

However our snowiest winter was 20 years ago when we received about 75.2 inches of snow.

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