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Tires slashed in Allentown snow rage incident

Slashing allegedly involved dispute over on-street parking space

Allentown snow rage incident

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Fighting for a parking spot after ice and snowstorms took a violent turn in the Lehigh Valley.

Following the recent surge of wintry weather, some Allentown residents have started using household items, like trashcans and chairs, to reserve parking spots they shoveled clean.

An Allentown woman, who lives in the 400 block of North 10th Street, said she parked in one of those spots this week.

"I parked right next to the chair, I moved it and placed it on the sidewalk and parked there and went inside the home," she said.

When she returned to her car the following day, she learned someone had taken it too far.

"I jump in my car and start driving. Within four blocks from my house I feel that my car is driving funny," she said.

Her tires had been slashed. She said it was revenge for parking in a spot that she believes was fair game.

"I don't feel angry, or looking for revenge. I just feel that I live on a street where there is free parking. There are no meters here, anyone can park here," she said.

"If they are upset about the parking space, then they should purchase a space," said Leon Wright, a neighbor.

Neighbors said they're sickened by the pettiness.

"It makes me feel leery about parking my car somewhere," Wright said.

It's a problem that reaches beyond Allentown. Police said a parking dispute in a Bethlehem neighborhood ended with a man trying to bury another man's car in the snow Wednesday night.

Local leaders said saving spots is not allowed.

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