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Trial begins for woman charged with killing newborn, leaving him in toilet

Jurors will decide if Amanda Hein will spend life in prison.

Amanda Hein Trial

EASTON, Pa. - The guilty verdict is a sure thing, but now the real work begins for the jury that's hearing the case of a woman who left her newborn baby in a restaurant toilet tank.

Jurors must decide why Amanda Hein did what she did last August.

There's no debating that Amanda Hein gave birth in the women's bathroom at Starter's Pub in Lower Saucon Township last August, placed the baby in a plastic bag and then put the bag in a toilet tank.

Hein admitted to the murder on March 28.

The question is: Was this an intentional act of murder or was Hein a mother who panicked?

Amanda Hein's stepmother sat in court in tears as the prosecution told the jury how the Allentown woman intentionally put her baby in a plastic bag and then in a toilet tank.

The defense told jurors Hein panicked and didn't have specific intent to kill.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli told the jury in an opening statement that Hein also disposed of her bloody clothes and the placenta after watching a pay-per-view wrestling event at the pub.

On the witness stand, the doctor that performed the autopsy said the baby was fully developed and had air in the lungs, meaning the child took a breath outside of the body.

The toxicology report also said that baby boy Hein had marijuana and oxycodone in its system.

The defense says the baby suffered from pneumonia and was at a low birth weight.
Hein's attorney, Michael Corriere, says those were contributing factors for Hein thinking the baby was stillborn.

They say Hein has admitted she was reckless in not seeking medical attention for the child but the murder was not first degree murder.

Jurors will decide between a first degree murder conviction and a third degree murder conviction.

The defense says Amanda Hein will take the witness stand.

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