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Trouble down the road for blizzard-buried cars

Easton's Safe Harbor Emergency Shelter offers assistance

Trouble down the road for blizzard-buried cars

EASTON, Pa. - Days after the most recent snow storm, many cars are still frozen solid across the Lehigh Valley.

Safe Harbor Emergency Shelter in Easton is offering assistance.

Residents of the shelter are helping some area residents dig free.

Sandra Huffman learned about the service while browsing Facebook one afternoon. After days of being stuck, she decided to give the shelter a call.

"I was hopelessly stuck… I called and they came. It was nice," Huffman said.

The shelter promoted the service through its Facebook page and has received a huge amount of support.

The shelter said it is a win-win for the community and residents who are looking for a new beginning.

"All walks of life. People who lost their home in a fire, recovering from drug issues, mental health, people down on their luck," said Jeffrey Poch, case manager at the Safe Harbor Emergency Shelter.

Poch said it's also good opportunity for residents to network with people in the community.

Experts said it's important for people to shovel-out their car immediately to prevent damage to their vehicle.

"You could get snow packed in causing belts to come off, balancing off tires, fluids could be thicker if you don't warm up your car," said Jay Nesci, tire Manager at Firestone.

According to Nesci, too much snow exposure could cause a wide variety of problems. Common problems include dead batteries and frozen washer fluids.

Nesci strongly encourages digging-out your car immediately to avoid problems and hefty repair shop bills.

"It could go up to the thousands. Any kind of problem that's not taken care of can lead to another problem," Nesci said.

In addition, he said if you notice a problem with your car, make sure to get it checked out immediately.

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