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Tuesday is election day!

Stats show only 25% of voters go to polls on election day

Tuesday is election day!

LINK: Check out your local ballot choices

Local primary elections are Tuesday but the majority of voters seem to be disengaged.

According to Lehigh County's registration statistics, in the past 25 years, on average, only 24.95% of registered voters actually show up to vote in local elections.

During last year's primary elections, out of the 216,828 registered voters in Lehigh County, only 17.92% showed up to vote.

However it's a much different story for general and especially presidential elections.

In November 2012, 51.96% of registered voters made their voices heard.

Some Allentown residents believe it's a lack of media coverage that causes the lack of interest.

"There's not that much publicity right now with this election, maybe that's what it is...maybe they need more publicity to get people out there" said Allentown resident Bonnie Slocki, who plans to vote Tuesday.


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