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Unsung Heroes: Dr. Harry Shleifer

Unsung Hero

FOUNTAIN HILL, Pa. - A trip to the dentist is usually dreaded. But there's one dentist in Fountain Hill that has taken the sting out of some of his patients' dental bills, if they don't have insurance. This month's unsung hero is Dr. Harry Shleifer.

Dr. Harry Shleifer is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan and has a big heart.

"He's in the medical profession for what it seems to me for the real reasons like to take care of people," said Lou DeLeon, "He's not in it as a business."

DeLeon is a dental hygienist in Dr. Shleifer's Fountain Hill office. He said looking at people's charts he started noticing the discounts.

"Some people touch my heart," explained Shleifer, "Their children touch my heart so I just say you know either reduce or eliminate their fees."

Shleifer said most of his patients have dental insurance and don't need help. But around the holidays he regularly reviews balances.

"We'll go through and we'll just zip off their balances or reduce it by 50%," said Shleifer.

Why does he do it?

"I think the people who have I think it is incumbent upon us to help the have nots," said Shleifer.

"Most patients here love him and they say it right to his face," said DeLeon.

Shleifer doesn't consider himself a hero.

"I consider myself just trying to be a good person," said Shleifer, "Just trying to do what's right."

"I've never heard a hero say they were a hero. That's why he'll deny it," said DeLeon, "But he's definitely unsung that's for sure. He keeps a low profile doesn't look for any attention. He's just an all around good guy. Good to people."

He's a dentist that's extracted lots of appreciation.

"We need more people like him," said DeLeon.

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