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Upon second call, scam artist backtracks, apologizes

Upon second call, scam artist backtracks, apologizes

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A scam artist seems to have some remorse, and even says so in a voice mail message left to one of his alleged victims.

Angela Rivas, 74, of Allentown says she was excited last Thursday when she saw an incoming call from Puerto Rico.

"When I saw a Puerto Rico number I immediately picked up but then the voice on the line said they had my son," said Rivas.

Rivas says the man claimed one of her sons had caused a car accident and would remain hostage unless she sent him $2,500.

Not knowing what to do, she immediately hung up, but the phone kept ringing.

This time, the man left a voice mail: "Forgive us it's not your son, it's not your son. Forgive us, it's not your son. Don't be worried OK? It's not your son," he said in Spanish.

Minutes later, Rivas was able to get a hold of her son and make sure he was alright.

However no one knows why the scam artist changed his mind.

"I don't know I guess because my mom hung up the phone and they couldn't get her to send the money because she said 'I have no money'", said Francisco Figueroa, Rivas' son.

Allentown Police call the case bizarre but are pleased the family didn't fall victim to the scam and add these types of calls are almost never legitimate.

"Do not trust anybody, do not trust calls. If you don't know this person, you don't know the number you don't know the caller...just hang up," said Figueroa.

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