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Video of fight involving mother charged with punching teen

Video of fight involving mother charged with punching teen

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - The attorney for an Allentown woman accused of punching a 14-year-old girl in the face has released video showing a portion of the fight.

The attorney for Lourdes Gonzalez, the woman charged with hitting Allentown City Councilwoman Cynthia Mota's daughter, said the alleged victim in the case isn't a victim at all and actually instigated the fight that took place on Monday.

As evidence, Gonzalez's attorney offered a Facebook post purportedly from Mota's daughter that reads, "Get your mom. I'll get my mom and we'll scrap."

The councilwoman declined to speak with 69 News on Friday, but she said Thursday that her daughter became involved in the fight because she was defending a friend.

The video doesn't show who threw the first punch or whether the elder Gonzalez struck Mota's daughter. It does show that Gonzalez and another adult allowed the fight to go on for about a minute before interceding.

Gonzalez is facing several charges, including corruption of minors and simple assault. The case goes to court April 21.

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