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Walnut Manor residents fed up with bedbugs

Allentown Housing Authority forced to face problem again.

Bed bugs at Walnut Manor

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - The Allentown Housing Authority is battling bedbugs again.

Executive Director Dan Farrell said currently four apartments at Walnut Manor are being treated and a fifth apartment is undergoing inspection for the problem.

Farrell added bedbugs are an issue throughout; however he admits Walnut Manor -- located at 1519 W, Walnut St. --  has dealt with bedbugs more than once.

"The staff at that building has worked pretty hard to get the building under control. We have had more issues in the past but we think they're much better controlled now," he said.

Meanwhile, residents said they're fed up with the problem and want administrators to be more proactive.

"I would like Mr. Farrell to maybe have a new bedbug company come in or do what they're supposed to. Spray in the outlets. There's no way to do all they're supposed to in two minutes time," said Dorothy Dopsovic who said she's lived in the building for 11 years.

"I don't want them again. I had them once, that was enough," said resident Adelaide Mcentee.

Residents are worried the bedbug problem may cause them to lose their furniture and mattresses, but Farrell said such a move is only as a last resort.

"If they think they have bedbugs, if there's a suspicion, to come tell us because we incur the expense of the inspection and of the treatment," said Farrell.

The treatment lasts several weeks and residents are asked to tidy their apartment and get rid of any clutter.

The Allentown Housing Authority does not reimburse residents for lost furniture.

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