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Weis Markets reduces global footprint in Lehigh Valley

Weis Markets reducing global foot print


Reducing your global footprint isn't something you usually think about when browsing the aisles at the supermarket. But now one local supermarket chain is doing it for you.

Weis in Fogelsville opens the first LEED certified store in the Lehigh Valley tomorrow. At the Weis market in Fogelsville, employees are stocking the shelves and putting on finishing touches  before their grand opening.

But for Weis..it's more than just a new store.

"When we receive final certification, this will be the first LEED certified supermarket in the Lehigh Valley," sais Dennis Curtin, Weis Director of Public Relations.

Getting a LEED certification is no small task.

Reducing the store's carbon footprint cost and estimated 23 million dollars..and features state of the art construction made with 30 percent recycled materials.

The store uses, among other things, water efficient plumbing fixtures, energy efficient windows and skylights to help reduce energy usage by 30 percent.

There are sensors stationed all over the store. If no one is actually in an isle the lights go off.

But once you start walking down the isle the lights come on.

That kind of technology helps Weis use 60 percent less refrigerant.

When the store opens tomorrow.

It will be a new chapter for the supermarket chain.

One supermarket officials say they have been building up to for years.

"We have recycled millions of pounds of plastic and cardboard.  This is the next level. We will have composting programs going forward. Reducing you environmental impact helps you be a good neighbor' said Curtin.

 Part of being a good neighbor means documenting its environmentally friendly efforts to maintain its certification and and investing in the local community.

The store will employ 160 people and will cut a check for 50 thousand dollars to Second Harvest Food Bank.

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