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Where does Allentown put all the snow?

Where does Allentown put all the snow?

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A lot of municipalities are running out of places to put all the snow, however, the city of Allentown relies on a Brontosaurus-like snowblower to clear mountains of snow from streets.

"We are very busy," Allentown Deputy Director of Public Works Craig Messinger said.

One by one giant dump trucks, bellies full, file into a parking lot just off Hamilton street or near Jordan Park. Once the winter loot is unloaded the process repeats over and over and over.

Friday it created a now a clear and drive-able Chew Street.

Over on Poplar some cars are still buried under snow.

On 12th Street, drivers get to parallel park between giant snowbanks.

"A lot of people can't go to work because they can't get out their garages it's really bad back there," resident Jose Carrasquillo said.

However, Messinger said five crews are working simultaneously to try to get the streets clear. He does admit the already set layer of ice is making this latest snow removal a time consuming task.

Snow removal will continue through Sunday.

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