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Witnesses: Amanda Hein bled all over restaurant seat and friend's car

Witnesses: Amanda Hein bled all over restaurant seat and friend's car

EASTON, Pa. - Witnesses who were present the night an Allentown woman gave birth in a restaurant restroom, then left her baby to die there, testified in her trial Tuesday.

Amanda Hein has admitted to killing the baby, but a jury must decide whether it was first or third degree murder.

Witnesses said there was blood everywhere, and yet no one knew Hein had given birth in the Starter's Pub bathroom on Route 378 in Lower Saucon Twp., Northampton Co.,  until the next day.

One server told the court how she cleaned a bloody seat, threw away a bloody napkin and then noticed a trail of blood leading outside of the restaurant.

It was the booth Hein was sitting in.

Employees would discover a lot more the next morning, August 24, 2013.

The jury saw pictures of the toilet tank where the baby was found at Starter's Pub, then heard testimony of how a cleaning crew at the restaurant found the baby.

A morning shift manager testified that originally she threw the bag away but a fellow worker told her she should check the bag because someone could have left a gun, drugs, or a baby inside of it.

The manager cried on the witness stand after she talked about ripping open a small garbage bag and seeing baby boy Hein.

The defense questioned the exact place the bag was found in the tank.

Workers said that the bag was submerged and not on the top of the water.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli also questioned the three men who were with Hein that night last August.

One witness,Scott McNabb, said Hein disappeared in the bathroom for at least 30 minutes and when the group left Starter's after watching a pay-per-view wrestling event, Hein had to sit on a tarp because of all the blood.

The woman that served Amanda Hein dinner that night said after Hein left she had to clean up a bloody seat and bloody napkins.

She said there was a trail of blood from the booth Hein was sitting in to the front door.

Testimony continues Wednesday.

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