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Wolf touts manufacturing plan during Nazareth visit

Wolf touts manufacturing plan on visit to Nazareth

NAZARETH, Pa. - The Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania Governor was back in the Lehigh Valley Tuesday for the first time since winning the primary last month.

Tom Wolf visited the Martin Guitar factory in Nazareth and revealed his manufacturing plan.

The York businessman said his plan calls for more companies with values like the elite acoustic guitar manufacturer.

"They treat their workers fairly, obviously that's why they stay so long here," Wolf said. "They're in it with their employees which is why they succeed."

In his plan, the former Pennsylvania Secretary of Revenue calls for more Pennsylvania-made products to compete with manufacturing countries like China.

"We can go head-to-head with anyone in the world with American workers as well. We're productive and close to the market," Wolf said.

Wolf promises to boost the state's manufacturing work force by creating a "Cash Back" jobs creation program, an incentive and attractant for companies to hire within the commonwealth.

"A cash back for people who create a certain amount of jobs," Wolf said.

The plan would reward manufacturing companies that create solid, full time jobs with payments of up to 5 percent of new taxable payroll for the following year, according to Wolf's website.

To qualify, the jobs must meet or exceed county wage averages where the company is located.

Employers must also offer competitive benefits.

Companies that do not maintain those jobs for at least five years will have to return the cash back to the state, according to the Democrat's website.

Wolf also wants to make sure workers are job-ready, by boosting industrial education in high schools.

"We have to broaden education, we have to create people with the right skills," Wolf said.

Wolf claims more domestic products and well-paying manufacturing jobs will boost the economy statewide.

However, Wolf hasn't said how the plan would be funded.

Wolf will face Governor Tom Corbett in the November election.

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