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Woman rescued from car fire seeks person who saved her life

Laura Bandi, 2 children saved from burning car on Route 33 Sunday

Woman rescued from car fire seeks person who saved her life

BUSHKILL TWP., Pa. - What would you do if you saw someone's car consumed by flames?

One man jumped in and helped save an entire family with seconds to spare. Now, the victims are looking for this hero so they can say, "thank you."

You don't have to tell Laura Bandi of Hellertown, Northampton County, about miracles. She just lived one.

"It was terrifying to think that my babies were in that car, that I was in that car," said Bandi. "I've gone over and over, in my mind, the possibilities of what could have happened, and it's very scary."

It all started on Route 33 in Bushkill Township, Northampton County, on Sunday afternoon. Bandi was driving her brother's Nissan Altima when something went horribly wrong.

"The car was smoking and I pulled over onto the shoulder," she said, "and I saw through the smoke a man running toward me and yelling and saying, 'Your car's on fire. You've got to get out; you've got to run.'"

That complete stranger -- just another driver on the highway -- jumped into Bandi's car and helped rescue her two small children, who are now at home and completely unhurt. The car is nothing but a charred-out shell.

Bandi isn't sure why the underside of the vehicle caught on fire. She said an insurance adjuster suggested it was an electrical fire.

"I don't know what happened," she said. "I thought maybe the tires had blown or something. The car was smoking."

And as for that good Samaritan who risked his own life for three strangers?

"I don't know who he is," said Bandi. "I honestly and truly believe that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ sent that man that day, to save us."

Not only is Bandi looking for that heroic stranger, but so are Pennsylvania State Police. They want to thank him, and also see if he can help them with their investigation.

"He didn't have to do that," said Bandi. "There were so many people that passed by, but this man -- he was there instantly."

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