Life Lessons: Wisdom Wednesday: Passion

Life Lessons: Wisdom Wednesday: Passion

>>>jaciel cordoba: what drives you? what motivates you in your life? we all will probably answer this question in a different way but most of us will agree that it's important to be passionate about something. >>eve russo: in fact, some successful people say you can't get where you want to go without being guided by something that motivates you. in her series wisdom wednesday, wfmz's nancy werteen continues to hear the reflections of lehigh valley women. >>nancy: when we're passionate about something, we're energized. we can't wait to get started. but sometimes it's not always easy to find that spark. but most people will tell you there's something that moves them that they couldn't live without it either personally or professionally. >>kassie hilgert, president and ceo of artsquest:"passion to me is critical for me in anything i do if i don't have passion for a situation or occupation, i just can't do it. i don't know if i just fall off and loss interest and then don't care. to me passion is the core for me to be able to do anything in my daily life.">>dr. carol minski, president cma leadership consultants"when you connect the goal and the enthusiasm, it's like an arrow pointing to the goal and you have that energy and enthusiasm and you're just going straight toward that arrow and yet you're enjoying the journey, that's what the passion is about.">>dr. ann bieber, president lccc "i believe that education without a doubt changes lives. it's transformational to an individual and what drives me is providing those opportunities to others to get them on the pathway to higher education and then to stay." >>beth songer, trauma and addictions counselor "i'm passionate about understanding who i am and about who other people are in the world." >>gladys wiles, president, snyder@wiles "when people come to our practice they are typically at their worst. they are at the bottom. they have stressors they've encountered with various things and so the drive is trying to solve that problem for them strategically, legally, coming up with solutions to get them out of that pit of despair they feel they're in and bring them back to a positive place where they can move forward with their life or with their business or with their family. " >>amy edgar, founder, children's integrated center for success "i would say that having a positive influence in the lives of children means everything to me . children to me are, there's a magic when you interact with a child, promise of the future. there's cliche things i could say about it but the idea that the opportunity to make everything better is really housed in the next generation and the generation after that. so my purpose is to take care of the child in front of me. our motto is every child every time and as many as show up is kind of the byline so that purpose to have that positive influence and provide support so that their life is more successful or has a better quality is really inspiring every day.">>caroline bitterly, lafayette college senior "i never truly understood passion until i understood the power of the human connection because when you feel connected in all ways to a career, to people, to your surroundings, that's something you will be passionate about and want to continue in your life so passion is really the becoming of a person and once i found my passion, i found myself." ---------------------------... ---------------------------... ------------->>nancy: for more information about these segments and to listen to previous topics go to the wisdom coalition dot com. nancy werteen 69 news. 3

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