Affordable Care Act website crashing for some users

Affordable Care Act website crashing for some users

Signing up for coverage under the new Affordable Care Act has been anything but smooth sailing in some cases.

Enrollees have a lot of questions, but government websites are crashing. The biggest concern is cost of coverage.

With the Affordable Care Act in effect, some people now have dozens of different plans to choose from.

If eligible, you're supposed to sign up for the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, over the Internet, but some said that has been impossible.

"I think I'm a pretty smart person and I can read and understand things," said Karen Beard, a customer at Capitol Blue. "I know how to do research, but it's a really complicated subject and I think it's a lot easier when you can come in face to face and talk to somebody."

Beard is not the only person using navigation centers in our region.

Workers at the Capitol Blue retail center at the Promenade Shops, in Upper Saucon Township, said they've seen a steady stream of people since enrollment began Oct. 1.

"Just trying to clear that fog so people have a better understanding of what healthcare reform is all about and what we are here to do for them," added Thomas Peluso, retail center director.

That is just one of the questions, others aren't even getting on the government website, including workers helping clients at Highmark Direct, in South Whitehall Township.

"They're very, very patient, said Scharrie Chambers, Highmark Direct worker. "They understand that this is something that is new, it's a government site, so they're just being very patient."

The question is will all the patience pay off in lower premiums..

"It's all about saving money," said Peluso. "It's all about making an informed choice about your insurance policy.

Karen Beard is also worried about pre-existing conditions and much more.

"I want to stay with the doctors I have, I trust them." added Beard. "They've been able to make my life completely different."

Workers at the centers actually help fill out the application and determine if the government option is best for the client.

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