Corona recalls beer for possible glass shards in bottles

If you've recently bought bottles of Corona Extra beer, you'll want to check the production codes before popping the top.

The makers of Corona beer have announced a recall of some products that may contain small shards of glass.

The recall includes 12-ounce single bottles of Corona Extra Beer, along with 6, 12 and 18 packs of the 12 ounce beers.

Officials say routine inspections in the company's quality control lab found defects in certain bottles that could cause small particles of glass to break off into the bottle.

Consumers can determine if they have affected product by checking for the 8-digit production code printed on the necks of Corona Extra 12-ounce bottles and on the side panels of the cardboard cartons of 12-packs and 18-packs.

Production Codes for Affected Packages
6-Packs               12-Packs                                 18-Packs
G014C059          G024B069 G214C069                F294A049
G024C059         G034C069 G244B069
G064A059         G044C069 G244C069
G064C059         G054B049 G254C069
G074B059         G054C069 G264C069
G104A049         G064C049 G274C069
G104C049         G074B049 G294B069
G114C049         G084B049 G304B069
G124C049         G084C069
G134C049         G094B049
G144C049         G094B069
G154C049         G104A069
G164C049         G104C069
G244C049         G114C069
G254A049         G124C069
G264A049         G164A069
G274A049         G174B069
G304C059         G184B069

Company officials said they have not received any reports of injuries resulting from the affected bottles.

Consumers who have bottles marked with the production codes below can go online or call 866-204-9407 for instructions on reimbursement.

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