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Federal health care website still causing trouble for some

Federal health care website still causing trouble for some

It's been two months since went live, and it's been two months of headaches and frustrations for users trying to buy health insurance on the site.

Now, after more than 400 individual repairs, the Obama administration said things should be running more smoothly and the error rate is less than one percent. It also said the site can handle up to 800,000 visits a day.

69 News checked in with a Northampton County man who has had problems with the website since the beginning. Michael Hitcho is an insurance adviser and didn't have much more luck on the website Monday.

He couldn't log himself on or one of his clients but was able to get on with another client's account. Once on the site, he described it as difficult to navigate, but he was able to look around the site and compare plans.

Hitcho said many of the issues he is seeing go beyond just the website.

"Some of the greatest roadblocks to date are they are not efficiently getting back to people with a correct subsidy," he said. "You can go on the site, you can give all your data, but at the end of the day will you have coverage on January first? Will you actually know if you're going to get that subsidy? And it's already December second and people that I've put through this process six weeks ago still have not found out whether they're going to qualify for a subsidy."

He said since the website had so many problems in the beginning, he bypassed the website and called the telephone number to help his clients set up accounts.

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