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Presidential Primary And Caucus results

The Iowa caucuses on January 3 officially kick off the 2012 presidential election season. Caucus/primary participants in each state will choose nominees for their parties until the final contests in Utah in June. Use our interactive map for results, caucus/primary dates, and the number of delegates at stake.

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America by the numbers

One nation, fifty state, 311 million people. PARADE magazine took a look at the United States from coast to coast and found many intersting stats.

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The growth of a nation

The United States has changed immensely since 1900. The population has grown by more than 200 million people, the cost of a gallon of milk has gone from 36 cents to $3 and life expectancy has jumped by 23 years to an average of 77.8 years, according to 2010 census data. Scroll through this census data interactive for a glance at the nation’s explosive growth the past 100 years.

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Census snapshot: racial demographics map

This map uses data from the 2010 U.S. Census to tell the story of the nation’s changing racial diversity. Click on each state to compare how those demographics have shifted in the last 10 years.

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Census snapshot: households and families

A lower percentage of U.S. households contained families living together in 2010 compared to 10 years earlier, and family sizes shrunk over that time, according to data from the U.S Census Bureau. Explore this map to see how the states compare when it comes to the types of households they contain.

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Census snapshot: state fast facts

How has the U.S. changed since 2000? Click on each state to explore data from the U.S. Census detailing how demographic, social and economic characteristics have changed across the country.

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State by state: Presidential voting history

Use this map to see the voting history for each state in the past 10 elections.

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Elections 101: election day trivia

Find out more about election day right here.

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Presidential first 100 days

Take a look at 12 previous presidents to see highlights of what they did those first critical months.

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President Obama Quiz

You see him on television and you read about him in newspapers and on the Web, but how much do you really know about President Barack Obama? Put your knowledge to the test here.

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History of U.S. presidents

Do you know how many children Jimmy Carter has? What religion did Chester Arthur practice? Find out more information about past and present U.S. presidents here.

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Greatest moments in presidential speeches

Presidential speeches can be memorable for many reasons: they can capture the nation's mood after a tragedy; they can issue warning; they can be a call to action. See how many lines you recognize from these famous presidential speeches.


Quiz: Test your presidential knowledge

You may follow today's political news, but how much do you know about presidential politics through history?