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Trans pacific agreement


US, 11 other nations seal Trans-Pacific trade pact

The United States and 11 other nations have finally reached a long-sought agreement on a controversial free-trade pact.

Flood car top

Sean Rayford/Getty Images

South Carolina flooding: Rains start moving off

Here's the good news for South Carolina: The rain will soon stop. Unfortunately, the flooding will linger.

After days of epic rainfall totaling more than 25 inches in spots, six people are dead, dozens of roads and miles of interstate highways were cl...

newborn baby hand holding parent's finger

Chris Greene/FreeImages

Danish moms told to buy baby-making vacations

A Danish travel company has come up with a novel solution for reversing the country's declining birth rates.

hand pressing ATM buttons

Vaughan Willis/SXC

You're paying record ATM fees

You better think twice before using that out-of-network ATM.

Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle

Tom Arthur/Wikimedia Commons

Disneyland hikes price of theme park passes over $1,000

One of the happiest places on earth now costs more than $1,000 a year to visit.

Russian military jet

Courtesy Norwegian Armed Forces via CNN

Turkey intercepts Russian jet in airspace

Turkey said it intercepted a Russian jet that violated its airspace over the weekend.

The country called in the Russian ambassador and lodged a strong condemnation of the violation, Turkey's foreign ministry said in a statement Monday.

"The Russian F...

DMZ, demilitarized zone, North Korea, South Korea

Scot Clotworthy/CNN

North Korea releases NYU student

North Korea has released Won-moon Joo, a South Korean student at New York University whom it detained in April, the South Korean government said.

The student was handed over to South Korean officials at the border Monday afternoon, Seoul said.

In an i...

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On this day: October 5

red and white capsules, pills, medicine


James Bond debuts in theaters, the Beatles release their first single, PBS is founded, and Tylenol capsules are recalled amid seven deaths from tampering, all on this day.

On this day: October 4

Russell Weller/SXC

Work begins on Mount Rushmore, Sputnik is launched into space, the pope visits America for the first time, Janis Joplin is found dead of an overdose, all on this day.

On this day: October 3

German reunification ceremonies, 1990

German Federal Archive/Wikimedia Commons

Bobby Thomson hits the "shot heard 'round the world," Woody Guthrie passes away, Germany comes together, and O.J. Simpson is found not guilty, all on this day.

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