A 86-year old World War II veteran crawled to safety after being attacked and carjacked at a busy gas station in broad daylight, and no one offered to help him.  

"The next thing I know, he ran right up behind me real quick and knocked me down," said the victim, Aaron Brantley.

"I was crying and everything. I could only watch it once," said Jainele Robinson, one of Brantley's granddaughters.

Brantley doesn't remember being hit last Wednesday, but he does remember feeling his broken leg.

After the attacker drove his car away, Brantley had to crawl up to the gas station. Surveillance video shows that several people just walked by.  He asked a mom with kids to open the door.

Remarkably, he's not bitter.

"I was wondering why they were passing me," said Brantley. "They saw me crawling. They knew something was wrong. They should have, but people don't want to get involved in anything today." 

"We were always raised to help other people," said Robinson.

Surveillance video inside the gas station shows Brantley crawling to a point where he just lay on the floor, still no one coming to his aid.

"It's sickening. "It's disgusting, It's sad," said LaDena Brantley, another of the victim's granddaughters. "They treated him like he was a dog."

Three days later, the 86-year-old World War II veteran and retired Chrysler worker looks at this, and frankly everything in his life, with a positive perspective.

"Man, you're lucky they didn't shoot you. I said, 'I sure am,'" said Brantley. "I appreciate it, too. He didn't do that to me."

"You did this to my grandfather," said LaDena Brantley. "You messed with a child of God."

Detroit police recovered the car. They're still  going over it for evidence that can lead to an arrest.