Ukraine Crisis

  • U.S. weighs defensive weapons for Ukraine

    Ukraine trenches


    The Obama administration is holding intensive conversations with the Europeans about further sanctions on Russia, as top U.S. national security officials convene this week to decide what types of support to offer Ukraine.

    All options, including defens...

    By Barbara Starr, Laura Koran and Eric Bradner CNN
  • Ukraine's economy teeters toward collapse

    Ukraine protests 1

    CNN iReport

    The war-torn country is on the brink of economic collapse.

    Ukraine's central bank raised benchmark interest rates from 19.5% to 30% effective Wednesday. Its currency, the hryvnia, lost nearly 70% of its value against the dollar in just a year. The GD...

  • Officials: 33 dead in Ukraine mine explosion

    Ukraine mine


    The bodies of all 33 workers killed in coal mine explosion Wednesday in eastern Ukraine have been recovered, officials with the Donetsk regional authority said.

    Preliminary information indicates the explosion at Zasyadko mine was caused by methane gas...

  • UN: 6,000 have died in eastern Ukraine

    Ukraine training


    The estimated number of people killed in eastern Ukraine since April 2014 now exceeds 6,000 "in spite of successive ceasefires," the UN Human Rights Office announced in a statement on Monday.

    The escalation in fighting in recent weeks, particularly n...

  • Shaky Ukraine ceasefire takes hold

    Ukraine soldier selfie

    GENYA SAVILOV/AFP/Getty Images

    A dispute over natural gas supply flared Friday between Russia and Ukraine, even as a ceasefire between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine appeared to be taking hold.

    Both sides in the conflict have begun withdrawing their...

  • MH-17 crash site residents traumatized

    MH-17 local residents

    The debris of MH-17 is scattered over a wide area, so is the trauma inflicted on local residents.

  • Flight 17 passengers remembered

    Flight 17 passenger Quinn Schansman

    From Family Photos/CNN

    The victims aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 came from around the world and held a wide range of hopes and dreams. Here are a few of those passengers' pictures and stories.

  • Putin: Experts need security at site

    Putin statement

    Russian President Vladmir Putin said in a statement that it was necessary that international experts at scene of plane crash have “full and absolute security.”

  • Victims' belongings scattered among the ashes

    MH17 personal belongings

    There's still no dignity for the victims of MH17, whose personal belongings are scattered among the ashes of the flight that crashed in Ukraine.