Ukraine Crisis

  • Russia: 17,000 troops to leave near Ukraine

    Russia Ukraine troops away

    REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered 17,600 troops near the Ukrainian border to return to their bases, state-run media reported.

    The reason? The Russian troops' training exercises in the southern Rostov region have ended, according to the RIA...

    From Matthew Chance and Holly Yan CNN
  • U.N. warning over fragile Ukraine ceasefire

    Red Cross Ukraine tweet


    U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged Ukrainian government forces and rebel fighters to respect a fragile ceasefire following the death of a Swiss Red Cross worker in shelling in eastern Ukraine.

    The humanitarian worker, identified as Laurent D...

  • Red Cross worker killed in Ukraine

    Red Cross sign Ukraine

    REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov

    An International Committee of the Red Cross worker was killed during shelling close to its office in Donetsk, Ukraine, the group said Thursday on Twitter.

  • Ukraine: Shells hit school, bus, killing 9

    Ukraine Luhansk Donetsk


    A shell landed near a school as children began their school year in the war-weary eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on Wednesday morning, killing at least three adults and shattering what would have been a step toward normalcy for dozens of students.

  • Protests erupt in Moscow over Ukraine crisis

    Ukraine anti-war rally in Moscow

    Maxim Zmeyev/Reuters

    Several thousand people in Moscow took to the streets Sunday to protest the war in Ukraine and how the Russian government has handled the crisis there, CNN has learned.

  • Flight 17 downed by 'high-energy objects,' report says

    MH17 crash3

    REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev

    Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 broke apart in the air after it was hit by a burst of "high-energy objects" from outside, a preliminary report by Dutch aviation investigators said Tuesday. Take a look at images from the tragedy.

  • MH-17 crash site residents traumatized

    MH-17 local residents

    The debris of MH-17 is scattered over a wide area, so is the trauma inflicted on local residents.

  • Flight 17 passengers remembered

    Flight 17 passenger Quinn Schansman

    From Family Photos/CNN

    The victims aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 came from around the world and held a wide range of hopes and dreams. Here are a few of those passengers' pictures and stories.

  • Putin: Experts need security at site

    Putin statement

    Russian President Vladmir Putin said in a statement that it was necessary that international experts at scene of plane crash have “full and absolute security.”

  • Victims' belongings scattered among the ashes

    MH17 personal belongings

    There's still no dignity for the victims of MH17, whose personal belongings are scattered among the ashes of the flight that crashed in Ukraine.