LIVE: Ebola hearing

10 a.m. ET: The House Foreign Affairs committee holds a hearing to explore ways the U.S. can address the global challenge and public health threat posed by the Ebola outbreak.

LIVE: Nuns on the Bus kickoff

11:30 a.m. ET: Vice President Joe Biden delivers remarks at a Nuns on the Bus tour kickoff event at the Iowa Capitol.

LIVE: Obama CENTCOM remarks

11:50 a.m. ET: President Barack Obama delivers remarks following a briefing at U.S. Central Command.

Top Political Stories

Gov Corbett campaigns in Berks

Gov. Corbett campaigns in Berks

Governor Tom Corbett had a busy day in Berks County.

Pennsylvania Capitol building - sunny day

Jace Codi/69 News

Pa. Senate committee approves property tax reform bill

A measure to reform Pennsylvania's property tax system moved forward in Harrisburg on Tuesday.

Dent takes part in Transatlantic Town Hall

Dent takes part in Transatlantic Town Hall

A U.S. Congressman from our area took part in a Transatlantic Town Hall Monday.

Bethlehem City Hall

Bethlehem leaders seek ways to close $5.9 million budget gap

A $5.9 million budget deficit is looming in Bethlehem, but the mayor said he has a plan to fix it, and it's going to require some belt-tightening at City Hall and from residents themselves.

Lehigh Co. commissioners

Lehigh County commissioners grill administrator on 'miracle' budget

Being presented with a proposed no-tax-increase budget for 2015 by the administration of Lehigh County Executive Thomas Muller was not exactly warmly welcomed as good news by some county commissioners Thursday night.

In God We Trust

Pa. county council rejects 'In God We Trust' motto

A western Pennsylvania county council has voted 8-6 against posting the national motto, "In God We Trust," in its chambers.

Vincent Fumo

Former Sen. Fumo lands consulting job after prison

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Vincent Fumo is pursuing a post-prison career as a consultant.

Local lawmakers rally for bill they say protects students

Local lawmakers rally for bill they say protects students

Two local lawmakers say they are pushing for a bill designed to protect children in the classroom.

Court generic


Pennsylvania court to hear electronic voting challenge

Pennsylvania voters have cast ballots electronically for years, but a voter-rights group plans to argue before the state's highest court that the most widely used voting system violates state law.

Should we use military force against ISIS

Should we use military force against ISIS?

Some area congressional representatives are urging swifter action against the Middle Eastern terrorist group ISIS, following the beheading of two American journalists.

Ad Watch Delaware Loophole

Ad Watch: Delaware Loophole

Did he or didn't he? That is the question when it comes to whether gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf used a tax loophole to avoid paying Pennsylvania taxes for his business.

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The legacy of JFK

JFK side profile

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

JFK was assassinated riding in the motorcade in Dallas, Texas 50 years ago.  Years later his legacy still lives on through his influence on the Peace Corps, the Space Race and in Civil Rights.  Take a look at this interactive to review a timeline of important events, as well as, watch and listen to powerful JFK speeches.

6 tips for voting on Election Day

Vote Button Pin

Tips to making your trip to the polls as quick and easy as possible.

Notable moments in debt ceiling history

Capital - Debt Ceiling


The U.S. debt ceiling has a complicated an interesting history. Since 1917, the U.S. has legally limited the amount of money it can borrow. Take a look at the history of the debt ceiling from its beginnings, through every major milestone in U.S. and see where it stands today. Click on the red markers for important events in history that surround the debt ceiling timeline.

Inside the Obama family

Obama family DNC

Reuters/Eric Thayer

Take a closer look at the rest of the Obama family: Michelle, Malia and Sasha.


Undecided voters still wavering on Scottish independence

Undecided voters in Scotland


As Scotland's independence referendum approaches, undecided voters could decide the outcome.

Hillary: 'I am thinking about it'

Hillary is thinking about it

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tells a politically charged Iowa crowd that she is "thinking about" running for president.

American sentenced to hard labor in North Korea

Matthew Todd Miller sentenced


American citizen Matthew Todd Miller has been convicted of committing "acts hostile" to North Korea and sentenced to six years of hard labor, North Korean state-run media reported Sunday.

Cameron on ISIS: 'They are monsters'

David Cameron on ISIS


British Prime Minister David Cameron makes a statement about ISIS after the terror group released a video apparently showing the beheading of British aid worker David Haines.

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On this Day

  • Civil War, Battle of Antietam painting

    Library of Congress

    On this day: September 17

    The U.S. Constitution is signed, the Civil War sees the bloodiest battle in American history, the prototype space shuttle Enterprise is unveiled, and the Camp David Accords bring peace between Egypt and Israel, all on this day.

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