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Reading mayor vetoes council, water authority agreement

Reading Mayor Vaughn Spencer has vetoed the agreement between City Council and the Reading Area Water Authority.

Dent visits unaccompanied youth immigrants at KidsPeace

Dent visits unaccompanied youth immigrants at KidsPeace

Congressman Charlie Dent spent Monday morning touring a facility in Bethlehem that's recently been criticized for housing undocumented children.

A fact-check of education funding in Pennsylvania

A fact-check of education funding in Pennsylvania

Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley has come out swinging, calling campaign ads that claim Governor Corbett cut education by a billion dollars "a damned lie."

One Northampton County official sues another again

Northampton County controller drops suit against county executive

The lawsuits between Northampton County Executive John Brown and Northampton County Controller Stephen Barron have finally ended.

Tom Wolf and Tom Corbett

Pa. governor hopefuls target tax talk at middle class

Pennsylvania's middle class is getting lots of attention from the gubernatorial candidates, but the TV campaign messages are vague and sometimes wrong.

Rick Perry

Stuart Clark/CNN

Corbett camp yanks Texas governor's video endorsement

Republican Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett's re-election campaign is seeking to distance itself from Rick Perry's legal troubles.

Chris Christie


New Jersey's bill for Bridgegate law firm surpasses $6.5M

New Jersey taxpayers are on the hook for more than $6.5 million to the law firm Gov. Chris Christie hired to represent his office in the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal.

John Heller/AP

Corbett: $63.2 billion will go to transportation improvements over 12 years

Pennsylvania's 12-year transportation program saw a sizable boost Thursday.

Candidate for Congress talks Social Security in Reading

Candidate for Congress talks Social Security in Reading

The Democratic candidate for a Congressional seat in our area says he'll fight to keep Social Security from being privatized.

Tom Wolf and Tom Corbett

Corbett, Wolf agree on 3 gubernatorial debates

Pennsylvania's gubernatorial candidates don't see eye to eye on most campaign issues, but they have agreed on where and when they will hold their debates.

DNC visit to Philadelphia

Philadelphia hosting Democratic convention site visit

Democratic Party officials considering Philadelphia as a potential host city for the 2016 convention are touring a sports arena, a famed cheesesteak shop and a popular farmer's market.

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The legacy of JFK

JFK side profile

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

JFK was assassinated riding in the motorcade in Dallas, Texas 50 years ago.  Years later his legacy still lives on through his influence on the Peace Corps, the Space Race and in Civil Rights.  Take a look at this interactive to review a timeline of important events, as well as, watch and listen to powerful JFK speeches.

6 tips for voting on Election Day

Vote Button Pin

Tips to making your trip to the polls as quick and easy as possible.

Notable moments in debt ceiling history

Capital - Debt Ceiling


The U.S. debt ceiling has a complicated an interesting history. Since 1917, the U.S. has legally limited the amount of money it can borrow. Take a look at the history of the debt ceiling from its beginnings, through every major milestone in U.S. and see where it stands today. Click on the red markers for important events in history that surround the debt ceiling timeline.

Inside the Obama family

Obama family DNC

Reuters/Eric Thayer

Take a closer look at the rest of the Obama family: Michelle, Malia and Sasha.


ISIS bigger threat than al-Qaeda?

ISIS threat

In January, the president said ISIS didn't pose nearly the threat of al-Qaeda. Has that changed?

U.S. official: ISIS is imminent threat

ISIS tank

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says ISIS is an imminent threat to every interest America has.

Pentagon: Mission to rescue hostages failed

James Foley


The Pentagon says it tried and failed to rescue American hostages like James Foley in Syria recently.

Obama: 'No just God' would support ISIS

Obama on Malaysia Airlines crash 7-18


President Barack Obama speaks on the death of James Foley, saying "no just God" would support his execution by ISIS militants.

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On this Day

  • Teddy Roosevelt riding in car, 1902

    Public domain

    On this day: August 22

    Teddy Roosevelt goes for a historic ride, tennis player Althea Gibson breaks racial barriers, The Supremes hit No. 1 for the first time, and Nolan Ryan notches his 5,000 career strikeout, all on this day.

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