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Bernie Sanders NY speech

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Sanders: 'I do not hate Secretary Clinton'

Bernie Sanders slapped away Donald Trump's claim that he "hates" Hillary Clinton, saying he has a "lot of respect" for her while mocking Trump as a "genius" for being able to…

Hillary Clinton in Cincinnati

John Sommers II/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton raises $68 million in June

Hillary Clinton's campaign raised about $68 million in June, a sum that is likely to widen her financial lead over Donald Trump in the general election.

FBI and journalists

Max Pepper/CNNMoney

FBI's secret rules to spy on journalists, hunt their sources

Since at least 2011, the FBI has adopted secret rules to spy on journalists who publish classified information and hunt down their anonymous sources.

Melania Trump

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Trump's wife, children to speak at convention

Donald Trump is turning to his family, sports figures and business leaders to fill speaking slots at the Republican National Convention later this month as scores of prominent…


David Calvert/Getty Images

President Obama tours Yosemite, says climate change happening now

President Barack Obama spoke in front of one of Yosemite National Park's picturesque waterfalls on a sun-splashed Saturday touting the importance of America's parks, but…

State of the Union watch - ISIS


Airstrike kills 2 ISIS commanders, U.S. says

Two ISIS senior military commanders died last week in a U.S. airstrike, killing a man that the United States says oversaw the terror group's 2014 offensive to capture the…

MQ-9 Reeper Military Drone

US Airforce via CNN

WH reveals number of civilian deaths from drone strikes

President Barack Obama's administration estimated Friday that between 64 and 116 civilians have died during the years 2009-2015 from U.S. drone strikes outside of Iraq and…

Sinking Spring s Columbia Avenue to close for repairs

69 News

Pa. to invest $1.1M in Sinking Spring project

A state grant will help fund a revitalization project in Berks County.

Jack Johnson

Library of Congress/Public Domain

McCain, Reid ask Obama to pardon boxer Jack Johnson

Sens. John McCain and Harry Reid are joining together to ask President Barack Obama to posthumously pardon Jack Johnson, the first African-American heavyweight boxing champion.


AR-15 rifle sized

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

House Democrats will oppose GOP gun bill

House Democrats said Friday they will oppose a Republican bill aimed at preventing people suspected of being terrorists from buying guns because they don't believe the proposal…

Loretta Lynch 2012

Ramin Talaie/Getty Images

Lynch to accept guidance from FBI on Clinton email probe

Attorney General Loretta Lynch will accept the determinations and findings of the FBI and career prosecutors who are investigating Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server…


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The history of the U.S. president

Barack Obama

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Today is President's Day! Do you know how many children Jimmy Carter has? What religion did Chester Arthur practice? Find out more information about past and present U.S. presidents here.

Greatest moments in presidential speeches

George W. Bush

Dennis Brack-Pool/Getty Images

Presidential speeches can be memorable for many reasons: they can capture the nation's mood after a tragedy; they can issue warning; they can be a call to action. This September 11th is the 11th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. Listen to Bush's famous 9/11 speech, as well as many others and see how many lines you recognize from these famous presidential speeches.

Who said it? Memorable quotes from inaugural speeches

John F Kennedy


Through periods of war, peace, depression or prosperity, Inauguration Day always has stood as a time of hope and new beginnings in the United States. Do you remember who said what? Test your knowledge here!

Elections 101

Vote, election file

Find out more about Election Day right here.


Three Amigos struggle with hand placement

Amigos handshake


It was a three-way handshake that left some shaking their heads. A trio of world leaders couldn't figure out which hand to put where.

Bill Clinton’s Lynch meeting causing waves

Lynch and Clinton

What's being called a chance meeting could mean a new headache for democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Airport attack in Turkey fuels political firestorm in U.S.

Istanbul Airport Terror Attack

DHA; CNN; NBC/POOL; POOL; Council on Foreign Relations

The attack on the airport in Istanbul, Turkey is creating a firestorm between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Trump opener mocks Warren with Native American stereotype

Howie Carr Indian stereotype


A conservative radio host opening for Donald Trump on Wednesday during a rally picked up on the billionaire's criticism of Sen. Elizabeth Warren by putting his hand over his mouth and mimicking a stereotypical Native American war cry.

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On this Day

  • Sony Walkman cassette player

    Rockheim/Wikimedia Commons

    On this day: July 1

    The Battle of Gettysburg begins, America's first zoo opens, the first Tour de France starts, the Sony Walkman hits the market, the PG-13 movie rating is introduced, and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill breaks an unfortunate record, all on this day.

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Bethlehem's Clearview Pool will not open this summer

Bethlehem s Clearview Pool will not open this summer

The city says Clearview Pool on Pinehurst Road will remain closed for the season due to contracting issues and time constraints

Pa. to invest $1.1M in Sinking Spring project

Sinking Spring s Columbia Avenue to close for repairs

69 News


A state grant will help fund a revitalization project in Berks County.

Farm to table movement at Valley Fruits and Veggies

The farm to table movement at Valley Fruits and Veggies

As the farm to table movement continues to grow in the Lehigh Valley, local farmers are spreading the word on its importance.

Industrial and apartment development top mid-year LVPC list


Almost two million square feet of approved non-residential and 237 acres of residential development plans have been given the go-ahead in the Lehigh Valley as of June 10 this year as per a report released Thursday night from the director of the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC) at its monthly meeting.

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