It's the most controversial firearms restriction leaders have pressed for since an assault type weapon was used in the December massacre at an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut.

"This is a classic example in politics that in order to save some piece of legislation that you think worthy. You have to water it down," explained Muhlenberg College Professor Chris Borick.

The so-called assault weapon ban was dropped by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from the gun bill. Political experts say it's a tactical decision to get any firearms legislation passed.

"If he can't get a piece of legislation passed with the assault weapons ban he'd prefer to get what kind of deal he can get," added Borick. "He sees the root to getting it through the Senate the most easy without the assault weapons ban."

Details of what exactly will be in the gun control package are still being worked out, but there are some major issues like cracking down on illegal gun dealing and closing loopholes.

"What this legislation aims to do is really tighten that up and make mandatory gun background checks for any purchase in the United States."

Borick says school safety is also a major priority.

"The legislation being put forth by the democrats would support measures to pay and fund increased school security throughout the country," he said.

The proposal to prohibit military style weapons will still get a vote as an amendment to the gun legislation that Democrats debate.

"Without the assault weapons ban the proposed legislation has a much better chance to clear the Senate," shared Borick.

He says the GOP-controlled House could be another story.