A local state lawmaker is unveiling his first bill and this one's aimed directly at the people.

State Representative Mike Schlossberg is introducing an early voting bill.

Schlossberg's proposal would allow at least one polling place in each county to open eight days before election day.

The freshman Democrat says the bill would help boost voter participation and cut back on long lines on Election Day.

More than 30 states, excluding Pennsylvania, already have early voting.

"Voting is a fundamental right," said Schlossberg. "People have fought for it and have died for the right to vote. I believe, as do many others, that restricting the window in which you can vote, so severely, you make it harder for people to vote."

Thirty lawmakers, all Democrats, are co-sponsoring the bill.

It has gained the support of several groups including the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania and the NAACP.