Aides rally to keep their jobs at Brandywine Heights

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Jun 03, 2013   Updated: 11:37 PM EDT Jun 03, 2013

Aides in the Brandywine Heights School District are rallying to keep their jobs.

The district is considering out-sourcing the children's support staff.

Those 40 para-professionals provide instructional services to special education students.

Supporters say there's no way an outside agency can come in and provide the same level of services.

"Many of these students grow fond of their para-professional," said Mark McDade. "There's a trust and there's a value there between the para-professional and the student as well as the with the family."

The superintendent, meantime, tells us the move would save the district $700,000 over three years.

And he says he wants the school to maintain a high level of service at a cost taxpayers can afford.

A final vote on the matter is set for later this month.