The snow keeps on falling in Berks County as a powerful storm sweeps across the area.

Drivers were taking it easy Thursday night in West Reading and across the county while plows tried to stay ahead of the storm.

PennDOT has also lowered the speed limit on some major roads including I-176, I-78 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

"The roads are horrible. They are not even plowing or nothing like that," said Birdboro driver Patrick Brumbaugh.

"They are not doing so hot right now, I will tell you that," said Fleetwood driver John Kelly.

It is accumulating so fast that people are pulling over at gas stations to clean off their windows.

"It is laying down pretty good," said Douglassville driver Anthony Dougherty.

PennDOT managers tell us their crews have been out all afternoon. They do not typically start plowing until there is an inch and a half to two inches of snow on the roads. Although there have not been any major accidents, drivers tell us the roads are still really slippery.

"I have not seen any accidents. I have seen a lot of cars sliding a lot," said Dougherty.

So PennDOT's advice is stay off the roads if you can.

"Let us get out there, get the roads clear, do our job, and then it will be safe for everybody in the morning, hopefully," said PennDOT Manager Rick Stone.

And that is what other drivers have in mind.

"If you do not have to be out, you should not be out. So I am going home," said Exeter Township driver Eileen Cieniewicz.

The snow accumulated to about three inches in Exeter Township.