The sound of snow blowers and shovels filled the air as thousands of people across Berks County began to dig out of another snow storm.

"I think we are getting beat up this year. I guess we are paying for what we did not get prior years," said Leonard Vale of Reading.

For some living in Reading, it takes more than one set of hands to dig out.

"There are a couple of us neighbors in the block, we get together and when we move a car out, we shovel it out," said Michael Barcz of Reading.

This time around old man winter brought heavy wet snow.

"When you have the machine it makes it easier, but if you have to go with a shovel it can be strenuous and strain your back. It is really hard work," said Vale.

But for others, even the wet heavy snow gave the snow blower a run for its money.

"It keeps bogging down the snow blower. You go two feet and you have to stop and let it clear itself. I wish it was like the last snow that was light and fluffy because that was easy to remove," said Ed Freiwald of Reading.

With another storm headed our way, homeowners tell us they are tired of winter and ready for spring.

"I was hoping it was over," said Barcz.

"I wish it would not snow at all. I could be very happy at 75 degrees and tropical breeze," said Freiwald.

Some roads are more plowed than others. But whatever the case may be, you will have to watch out because as the temperatures drop overnight, the roads will freeze over and be slick by Tuesday morning.