A piece of American history with ties to Berks County is back in Reading.

John Blue found a Civil War ring while using a metal detector in Virginia. It had the name Levi Schlegel inscribed on it.

Blue did some digging, which led him to the Reading Public Library, where Ernest Schlegel is a trustee.

Blue and Ernest Schlegel met Tuesday at Levi Schlegel's grave at Charles Evans Cemetery in Reading, and the ring was returned to the Schlegel family.

"It's an amazing feeling. I can't really put it into words. It really hasn't hit home yet," said Schlegel.

"Overwhelmed, and I'm kind of speechless for words actually. It's actually amazing how all this has come together," said Blue.

Blue said the ring is the wildest thing he's ever found with his metal detector.

Schlegel said he plans to give the ring to his son.